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About ME


I'm a 29 years old graphic designer from France living in Göttingen, Germany.
After my high school, I went to university for three years to study Multimedia and Digital Communication. Then I started to work at Akka Technologies as a graphic and industrial designer. After working there for three years, I spent a year in Australia to improve my English and travel around the country.
When I came back, I started a four months training at ARIES school to study 3DS Max Sofwtare.
Then, I worked at RAS Intérim, a temporary work agency. I was in the communications department and my job was to create all the different types of media for the company. I created posters, flyers, newsletters, stickers for each new agency as well as PowerPoint presentation. I was also the administrator of the official website and the Facebook page.
Now I'm looking for a job in Germany.


- Webdesign
- Wordpress website creation
- Knowledge in HTML 5 / CSS 3
- Newsletters creation


- Posters, flyers...
- Windows Stickers
- All types of communication media


- 3D objects
- Online Flash advertisement
- Video editing
- PowerPoint presentation

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